Dane   Santoro   is   the   youngest   member   of   The   band.      He plays   the   role   of   Paul   McCartney   in   The   Hofners.      Dane   has always   been   into   music.      He   began   playing   guitar   at   age   13 and   he’s   been   a   lifelong   Beatles   fan.      In   costume   and   make- up,   Dane   has   a   striking   resemblance   to   Paul   McCartney.      He has   worked   very   hard   to   achieve   the   right   look   and   the   right sound.        He’s    naturally    left    handed    which    is    important because   Paul   McCartney   is   as   well.      So   when   he   plays   his violin   shaped   Hofner   bass   (an   exact   replica   of   Paul’s   Hofner bass   guitar),   it   looks   correct   even   to   the   most   discriminating of Beatles fans. When   Dane   isn’t   playing   with   The   Hofners,   he’s   filling   in   for some   of   the   other   top   Beatles   tribute   bands.      In   addition,   he has   his   own   rock   band   called   The   34s.      The   34s   play   mostly original music.
Dane Santoro As Paul McCartney Dane@TheHofners.com