Michael   Montinola   is   the   music   director   and   plays   the   role   of   George   Harrison   in   The   Hofners.      At   the   age   of   eight,   Michael   heard   I   Want To Hold Your Hand  and Get Back on the radio.  Not even knowing who the band was, he was hooked. Michael   taught   himself   how   to   play   guitar.      He   learned   to   play   and   sing   Beatles   songs   starting   with   the   chords   and   harmonies   with   his brother.      In   the   early   ‘90s,   Michael   was   the   lead   guitarist   of   a   rock   group   called,   Potter’s   Field    in   New   York.      They   opened   for   Bob   Marley’s son   in   an   event   called,   A   Day   in   the   Garden .      Meanwhile,   Michael   and   close   friends   started   a   band   called,   Tomorrow   Never   Knows , playing   the   hits   of   The   Beatles,   Wings   and   others.      In   the   late   ‘90s,   Michael   joined   an   all   Beatles   group   called,   Something   New .      In   that band, Michael had the opportunity to play with Beatlemania alumni, Louie Collucci and Alan LaBouf. Michael   met   Mike   “Ringo”   Streeto   in   a   studio   at   an   audition   and   became   the   George   character   in   The   Hofners.      Michael   has   mastered   the body   language   that   George   displayed   on   stage   as   well   as   the   sound.      If   you   close   your   eyes   and   listen,   you’d   have   a   hard   time distinguishing who is singing; George or Michael.
Michael Montinola As George Harrison Michael@TheHofners.com